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May 11th is our next Deathpool Draft 6pm at the usual place Contact Mike or Rudy.

Thanks for Joining us in our new season...  

All new information will be posted as soon as possible...

Your Help is Greatly appreciated if you notice errors on the site please Email US.

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Latest Death Tolls (from our Picks)

 Dr Joyce Brothers
 15 +first Blood + Unlucky 13= 25 Points
 Jiroemon Kimura
 5 Points
 Bernie Nolan
 48 +Holliday = 53
 Corry Monteith 69 + Unlucky 13 = 74
 Brooke GreenBerg 80 + Robbing the Craddle = 85 10/24/2013
 Nelson Mandela 5 12/05/2013
 Mikhail Kalashnikov  6 12/23/2013 
 Shirly Temple 15 02/10/ 2014(2014-02-10)
 Mickey Rooney  7 April 6, 2014

Last Season's Winners

 Winners May 2011 - May 2012 Season

1st Place       Dead Sexy     With 125 Points

2nd Place      Captain Crunch and the Serial Killers  with 111 Points

3rd Place       Live and Let Die  with 103 Points

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